13 July 2007

A (full) day with SmileChild

SmileChild is on vacation, and Thursday was my day for quality time.

We hit the road around 10:00 with a general plan. The Zoo Safari and Platte River State Park. It ended up we covered the Platte River between Louisville and Mahoney pretty darn well. We got up to the Zoo Safari in fairly short order.
Um, I thought antlers only grew out of one side...

Here is the field where the elk grow.

Hey, we're trying to sleep here!

Where is Viv when you need here to lure a bear out of the woods. (It's not
that much of an inside joke, I just can't JennyJitterbugs original photo.)

Is that a teacher blatantly disregarding the posted rules ... now we know what is wrong with kids these days.

IM003731.JPG IM003733.JPG
These two shots are looking at each other. The trail to get from one side to the other was just ridiculously steep.

Gentlemen nod your head in agreement. Ladies, just go ahead and smack the nearest guy for nodding in agreement.

The construction crew.

The buffalo were much much closer to the car, but the kept heading away. So we didn't get a lot of good pictures, SmileChild said it best "I don't want any butt-shots". We did get held up by a baby buffalo deciding the middle of the road was a good spot to have a meal, and then trying to run and eat at the same time.

You would think with all the money spent on this place by the zoo, they could have some more real estate available.

It was after noon when we were finished at the Safari, but we weren't quite hungry yet, so we drove back up the to the Gretna exit, and went down to Schramm to look at the old fisheries.

The opposite of the Zoo, the fish in here just kind of wander up to the surface, grab something you throw in and then wander away, no frenzy at all.

I remember there being, oh, like 10,000 birds at Schramm, but there were only a few, so after a short amount of time, we headed over to Louisville for lunch. Thank goodness for Subway, there is one in like, oh every town over 150 people in North America. We grabbed it to go and headed out to Platte River State Park. I paid for a yearly sticker (so grab me, we'll go) and we went down to the canyon and ate. After lunch, we hiked down the trail to eastern Nebraska's most spectacular waterfall...

Okay, so SmileChild is more beautiful than eastern Nebraska's most spectacular waterfall.

IM003743.JPG IM003745.JPG
There were also other interesting things on the trail, I mean besides the biting bugs.

After lunch, we went over to the tower. SmileChild said she was afraid of heights, but you sure couldn't tell.

The tower was swaying just a little bit, but fortunately SmileChild and I have a firm foundation.

IM003747.JPG IM003750.JPG
The Platte looking east and looking north.

Hey! SmileChild, does my tire rear left tire look kind of flat to you? Wait, nevermind, don't look down.

We stayed up at the top of the tower for a good half hour or so. The plan was to go swimming or horseback riding, but the clouds were coming up, and we checked the radar from my phone, and it didn't look like swimming was going to be an option by the time we got changed, and situated, and blah blah. So instead we rented a paddleboat for a very long half hour and rode around on the lake. We demonstrated our ability to think reasonably when we heard thunder, and headed in off of the lake as quick as we could.

The rain started and we were kind of in a quandary as to what to do next. The radar showed the rain banded and coming straight south, so we decided to go over to Mahoney and see if we could get to the north of the rain. Darn weather, it never cooperates. We got over there and it was still raining, so we got under the big overhang and goofed off for a half hour or so, but it became obvious the weather was not going to change. We went back to the car and started making phone calls to try to arrange a mean game of Scrabble.

We got ErinOneDay eventually, but no one else was going to be around. Then Chad called and wanted to know if I wanted to play basketball, I said we had plans, then Katie called, things got all twisted around and we ended up down on 7th & Dorcas playing hoops.

Seriously, I just hit my only shot of the game (off screen), after that, they started playing defense on me.

Chad, man bad form, ball not in the view of the camera, no one in position to rebound, what are you thinking ... hey, it went in, nice shot!

I played in the first game, John showed up and took my place in the second game. SmileChild was interested in the plan originally, but I don't think she really cared for the atmosphere at the park, some of the players were a little rough around the edges, but it was a clean game and so was the language mostly.

After the game, we went up and hung out at Chad's house. As usual, about 1/4 of the people I know wandered in or out at some point. We made spaghetti, and by we, I mean Katie, Micah, Daniel, and I. We hung out until after 10:00pm, and then everyone went home.

A full day with more than the usual adventure. Thanks for the quality time SmileChild and everyone.


Viv said...

Sounds like a really good day.

Chris said...

My neighborhood isn't THAT bad, is it?