03 July 2007

Catching up, part IV b

Once the softball game was over, it was a mad rush back to the house to meet up with Schmendrick, Ben, Cornstalker, Cornstalker's brother Nathan, and Viv for the continuation of our Dungeons & Dragons game. Geekin' out the American way.

Viv has never played before, so Ben made up the character sheet for her, and she decided to be Cheze, Human Warrior Princess. Nathan (Dwarven Barbarian), Cornstalker (Human Rogue), and I (Half-Elven Cleric) picked up our characters where we left off last game. Schmendrick jumped right in with a Human Bardic Rogue. If it is looking a lot like a bash down the door kind of game, well you are right. Viv actually had a lot of fun, making a back story for her character and getting into the hacking up the bad guys with glee.

I thought Ben did a good job running the game, he kept it fun and going. Maybe it isn't so bad for the DM to make up the game on the fly just like the players are doing. We are all 2nd level, so it might be interesting to see how it goes as we get more and more levels.
070630_231229.jpg - cornstalker
You're the DM, you tell us what happened. Viv takes her role playing seriously, the tiara is on ... she claims the rest of the adventuring party has to do what she wants because she is the princess. Not pictured: the new dice I bought for the event, orange with sparklies, cause it's all about the dice baby.

It was also Nathan's birthday, so Viv made him a cake, and after the D&D broke up we lit up the cake, then lit up a fire in the fire pit. Mae and Taoboy Steve joined us around midnight. Mae brought tacos, we roasted marshmallows, and talked until around 0230.

070630_231229.jpg - cornstalker
Those are REAL blueberries. Hey, Viv, the fire is over here!

070630_231229.jpg - cornstalker
Guess who is laying on the blanket, hint: check out the Diet Pepsi. Okay, Cherkoee is there too.

I am not sure if I really need to credit Cornstalker with all these photos, yes, he took them, but two of the three were with my camera. You can see his post containing his description of this event here.

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Ben said...

Ha! Cornstalker was a _Halfling_ Rogue! Get it right... :P