03 July 2007

Catching up, part IV a

Saturday was a full day. Alicia planned a softball party at 1400 (that's 2:00pm for those of you 24hr clock challenged) for her friends. About 20 people, maybe more, showed up from jitterbugs and her school.

The party invitation said "non-competitive" about ten times. I didn't take pictures, but Lauren did, I hope to figure out where she keeps them on the internet.

The very first thing that happened was the worst thing that happened all day. Mae threw a frisbee to *name withheld due to loss of pride* and he ran after it and right into one of those grills they have a picnic grounds. **OUCH** yep, scraped up both legs, huge welt on his shoulder, and worst of all, a good shot to the man area which dropped him like a bag of hammers. He was tough, he got up, rubbed a little dirt in it, and played on.

After we all got situated at the correct ball field, we busted out lunch, pot luck with tasty sandwiches provided by our lovely hostess. It is nice to have a bunch of generous friends, there was more food than you can shake a stick at.

The game began shortly after, seven to a side, pitch to your own team. The good players all agreed to bat backwards, left if you were a righty and vise versa. It is nice to play non-competitively every once in a while. I was pitching to our side and SmileChild tried to kill me her first at bat, I caught the ball in self-preservation mode, and threw her out. I played shortstop, and mostly got singles. Poor Ben kept going to field the ball and it would hit a rock just as it got to him and jump past him. It probably did it ten times. Since it was non-competitive, I didn't keep score, I was told my team won, 13-12, but I'm thinking a lot more runs were scored. Of course Mae, who insisted that she'd never played softball before managed to do it well ... she is good at everything.

After a short break for more food, someone got the brilliant idea to play Ultimate Frisbee. I thought okay, then they picked out the field which was about 1/4 mile long and 100 yards wide ... seriously, who's idea was that? It is Tuesday now, the game was on Saturday, and my legs are still sore, proving once again, being in dancing shape translates to nothing! It turns out that SmileChild is the queen of Ultimate Frisbee defense, she was everywhere knocking it down and taking it away from our team ... next time, she's on mine.


Matt J. said...

Ah-ha. Now I know where those scrapes came from.

Sarah said...


Being sick = not as fun as everything you're posting

Hopefully I'll return on Friday, but I can't promise anything.

smilechild said...

fun times, but i think *nameless* is really the ultimate frisbee champ. we could have had a lot more goals if he didn't keep knocking everyone down, and with a sore shoulder too.

onionboy said...

it was *NOT* me, if it were, i would have just not mentioned it.