07 July 2007

ErinOneDay's birthday

Happy Birthday ErinOneDay!

ErinOneDay had her birthday yesterday, and it was topped off by dancing, to which she allowed her entire family the privilege of coming out to JNO and dancing too.

Check it out, Smeade makes a return to JNO after a two plus month absence, and she is leading! No wait, ErinOneDay is leading, no it's Smeade, no, oh, I give up.

Birthday Jam time, couldn't she have picked a better dancer to start off with?

Mark takes his turn. The Bday Jam was kind of crazy, with five going at once.

Okay, here is the challenge, figure out who is leading her just from their hand.

With so many on the floor at once, it started to look like a steal-a-jam, here is a three dancer pile up as MalibuStacie & SmileChild both try to grab ErinOneDay at the same time.

What birthday would be complete without a shim-sham?

It was great to meet your family, you should bring them again, and again, and again. Speaking of again, happy birthday again, and thanks for letting me be a part of it.

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