17 March 2007

Another Night, Another Dream

In this dream I lived in a little house or apartment, and three houses down from me lived Spanky and Mae, at the end of the block was a school. I went outside, and for a while Spanky and I were having a snowball in our backyards, that ended suddenly, and Mae and I were walking out front down the block by the school. The school had a new attachment that neither of of us noticed being built. It turned out to be a Catholic education building co-located with the public school.

**aside* for those of you that think this is a ridiculous violation of the separation of church and state, when I lived in Utah, almost all public schools had a building next door to them that was owned by the Mormon (LDS) church, and the students were able to have time during the day to go next door and get religious education, and then come back.*

Back to the dream. I decided to investigate the building, Mae went her way, and I walked in and met one of the teachers who toured me around her class. I didn't interact with any of the kids, just the teachers and staff. While I was there, it was time for the kids to have their in-day Mass. I was recruited into working the service by the priest. When time came for Communion, the priest kept dropping the sanctified bread and leaving it there. Not to get into a huge transubstantiation debate, but holy cow, that is a HUGE no-no, so I was picking up all of the dropped bread, and I kept worrying that I missed a piece of the dropped body of Christ. The priest left and I had to serve the last few communion takers, and clean up (I have never been either an altar boy or served the bread and wine in church) so I was fumbling around hoping I got everything right.

Once that was over, I went to say goodbye to the teacher who had given me the tour, but I was told that she had died. Back outside, I ran into Mae again on the way home and told her about the lady who died.
Mae said "Oh, I knew her, I beat her in the state badmitton (or tennis) tourney just a couple days ago."
"I didn't know you were champion." I replied.
"When you are good, you don't have to brag." she said.
Then she went into her house, and I went to my apartment and the dream ended.

The dream had the usual interesting detail and references to other dreams I have had, however this seemed to be another dream unlike any I remember. Two in one week. The building I went into was very familiar, but I can't put my finger on where I had seen it before.


Get A Life! said...

I had this dream where I was going on a trip with two girlfriends from work and I lost my checkbook and airplane tickets, so we were looking around the airport for them and *you* were working the ticket counter and you printed me up a new ticket and found my check book so we could go on our way.

Janna said...

I've been dreaming about other bloggers lately too...
Not you yet, though; sorry about that. Maybe tonight.