06 March 2007

Happy Birthday Misty Jo Jangles v1.1

Photos from Misty's birthday party!
Thirty years old and she gets her first gray hare (not my line).

Better keep that away from your bunny.

Organic, knee high socks with positive messages on them, what birthday present could be better weirder. The big present is under the bag.

Viv tries some of Spanky's spicy salsa. Does it have a kick?

IM003524_1.JPG IM003521.JPG
Seriously, I have no idea at all what is happening here. I am in one picture and took another one, and I don't remember it at all.

IM003526.JPG IM003527.JPG
Apples to Apples anyone? Sarah will now tell us which of these five is the epitome of shallow.

IM003530.JPG IM003531.JPG IM003532.JPG
Of course what birthday would be complete without a birthday jam dance.

You can see all 20 photos in my set here.
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Matt J. said...

Dang! You had 88 Improv there. I wish I could have come, it looked like a lot of fun. Happy Birthday, Misty!