17 March 2007

Saturday hodgepodge

Mom Needs Some Attention Too!
Happy Birthday Rock'n'Robin!

Home Sick
I am home sick with a migraine. It has been over a year since I took a day off sick, and I feel bad about it. My choices are too much pain too concentrate, too many drugs to drive, um, I choose B. Saturdays are especially busy, and I don't think I'd be able to find a drug/pain balance to make me work.

I appreciate all the empathy and well wishes I get when I have a migraine, but it's a fact of life for me. I accept it, and I do my best to lead an otherwise normal life, but every once and a while it just is awful. Yesterday and today are one of those days.

*edit* the drugs kicked in shortly after writing this section ... aahhh!

Tony Boyle, My New Hero
Things were going along just fine for my Salukis in the NCAA tourney yesterday when at the end of the half, our third leading scorer (for the year) rolled his ankle. Crap! Second half starts, enter back up Tony Boyle, and a star is born. Read ESPNs story here. The Salukis went on to win fairly easily for them, considering our margin of victory all year was not that great.

Next up: Virginia Tech, who we beat early in the season.

My brackets; meh. There were scant upsets this year in the first round, and I didn't pick the right ones. Fortunately the only sweet 16 team I lost was Creighton (more on them in a minute). In the small pool I am tied for first, and in the big pool, I am in the middle of the pack. They next two days are the seperators, lose an eight or final four team now, you're done.

Yes, I somewhat homered (picked the local, favorite team) with Creighton going to the sweet 16, but they have been hot as of late, and playing their best ball of the season. They got screwed. A first round match up with Nevada??? I can imagine that Nevada felt the same way. Two of the best five mid-majors matched up in the first round? It doesn't make any sense. Part of the appeal of this sporting event is David vs. Goliath ... and you put two David's together in the first round. Hard to generate any stories that way. Both teams should have gotten a low seeded major conference team in the first round. Grrr and done.

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