28 March 2007

Random Thoughts v0004

I had a nasal infection. The doctor prescribed a different kind of antibiotic (Omnicef?) than I have taken before. Ooh boy. This stuff got rid of the nasal infection in no time ... and about everything else in my body. The worst part is it is washing out some of the medicine I take daily to help control my migraines, and a lot of water. Despite my working hard to keep myself hydrated, I am still not at my full mental faculties. Yesterday was really bad. I woke up with a cold head (two windows open, duh), which is never good for me. Before I even drove a block to work, I remember two things that I had forgotten, but since I knew I had to gas my car, I couldn't go back. It's bad enough to forget stuff, but I actually had grabbed one of the things, but I didn't recall doing so. Work was the worst, I was trying to something with a lot of steps. I should have just made a spreadsheet with check boxes. It would have been much quicker than going back seven or eight times to fix all my mistakes. Grrr.

Like a brook trout, only without the fish
I suppose it is a consequence of being an airhead, but that lever that controls closing your mouth, it's broken on me right now. I have been babbling in the direction of anyone with two ears, or one, or the wall, or to myself. Now is the time to ask me all those questions about what you've been wondering about me. It's not like the filter is off, it's just disconnected.

You learn something new everyday
What I learned yesterday: don't ask the pregnant Catholic lady what she gave up for Lent. "I gave up smoking and drinking to be pregnant, I don't think I should have to give up any*censored*thing else!" Good thing she didn't give up swearing. Only Mae would have a good idea who this is, and I'm betting a buck she'll guess in one try even though she doesn't necessarily know this person is pregnant.

Bal-Fest is this weekend
Although I will not be able to attend the Friday workshops because I have to work, The Midwest Balboa Swing Festival will start this Friday. It's not too late to sign up and learn about the most fantastic partner dance every invented, Balboa, from some of the finest swing dancers in the world (not even exaggerating here). Come join us for the workshops, dances, contests, or all of the above. I will be at all the dances, as well as the Saturday and Sunday workshops.

Clever Segue
Speaking of the events on Saturday... Tim and Rock'n'Robin will be in town and bringing baby Daniel with them. Plans are not finalized as of yet, but we'll be having a dinner for them (probably out) to introduce the newest little swing dancer to the Jitterbugs. The approximate time will be in between the end of the last Saturday workshop, and the start of the Saturday dance, i.e. 4pm to 8pm. Watch this space for an update on when and where this will be occurring, or ask myself or Viv for the details later. If anyone knows how to get hold of Connie or the Mayor of Dancing himself, Lee Taylor, please pass the info onto them or have them get hold of me or Viv.

I have a new phone! Well, not really
On March 16th, I ordered a new phone with Sprint, a MotoRAZR v3g. I still don't have it. When I ordered it, I was told it would take five to seven business days to arrive. I figured no problem, Schmendrick just did more or less the same thing, and he got his phone in two business days. So I waited and waited and waited, mine didn't get here in the proscribed seven days. I called yesterday and I got a lot of "hmmms" and dead air on the phone when I talked to the young lady on the phone. The final answer I got was that the order went out yesterday or today. I figure that meant somebody screwed up the order, she fixed it, and it was going to go out today. I'll be ready to call if it doesn't make it here by Friday. You can be sure of one thing, they already charged me for the phone.

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Now is the time to ask me all those questions about what you've been wondering about me.

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