18 March 2007

The power of prayer ... almost

I completely believe in the power of prayer ... almost. There is one slight exception. I find it difficult to pray (and believe it) for my own well being ... sort of.

Okay, so I'm not being clear.

When someone asks me to pray for them, or even if they don't ask, and I pray for them, I can easily pray with confidence and belief that God will provide the best solution for all involved. I know God is listening, concerned, and that my prayers will be responded to.

When I pray for something I want for myself, it is generally for something medium to long term that will include my improvement as a human being. For instance, praying for more patience, praying for more financial responsibility, or praying to give up something (like computer games). I have faith in these situations too. I will even pray for things that people might consider sinful, it being an exercise in giving my earthly desires to God.

Even if my prayers are not answered, I can accept 'no' or 'not yet', because I know God has the best interest of His creation in mind. I literally have no complaints if everything I have been given is gone tomorrow. God gave me a second (third, fourth, nth) chance to be His, and it is all that really matters.

Which brings me to the part I have trouble praying for. When I have some short term need, like a migraine, lack of motivation, an immediate worry, or my favorite old standby: paranoia. I just cannot let go and give it to God. (this has been tough to write) That is when I rely on YOU my friends. I lack the confidence to believe that God will listen to my immediate concerns, but I sure believe He is listening to yours.

I will try to do a better job of asking for your prayerful help, but don't wait on it, if you see me struggling, pray with me, pray for me. I will be there with prayers for you when I see you struggling.

Hmmm ... I wonder if praying for a long term solution to my short-term prayer difficulties is cheating?


Viv said...

It seems like a lot of people stuggle with that concept. A lot of believers have no problem praying and believing God to answer there prayers when it's geared toward another person. When it's there turn to give up something "short term" and believe God will take care of it, they daught. I do it all time.

I'm always praying for you. You know that.

misty jo jangles said...

i hear ya man, i hear ya. giving up is the toughest thing for me, you know that. and yes, somehow it is easier to pray for others than it is for yourself. i too have to covet other people's prayers for my life. thank you for yours, i'll keep giving you mine.