12 March 2007

Go fly a kite, v0002

Yesterday Spanky, Mae, and I got outside in the beautiful weather and busted out our kites and went flying in the park to the south of their house. After a small adventure involving rescuing my kite off of the roof of their house, I got mine flying just fine.
2007phone22.jpg 2007phone25.jpg
My bluejay on the end of a string.
edit #2


Mae said...

Those are amazing pics from your phone. Is your new phone going to have a camera that good?

Janna said...

Is that airplane exhaust in the corner of that one?
Looks sorta like someone tried hitting the bird with a surface-to-air missile... and barely missed.

Viv said...

janna- I was thinking the same type of thing when I first saw it. I looks like a jet that has just taken off.