18 March 2007

Four more wins to go!

So my brackets got blown to bits when Wisconsin went down to UNLV today.

Am I concerned? Well, yes I am...

...but if I weren't, it would be because my beloved Salukis won again, and are on their way to the Sweet 16. They beat up on Virginia Tech (again) today 63-48.

Next up, the Candyass Jaywalks, I mean the Kansas Jayhawks, sorry about that. A team that is beatable as evidenced by them losing at home to Venche's beloved ORU Golden Eagles earlier this season.

Okay Salukis, they showed us the way, let's go get 'em!
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Janna said...

I understand almost none of the words you just said.
That's gotta be some kind of record!

I think a Saluki is a breed of dog... that's pretty much the only word I got.

I'll be SO glad when all this sports junk is over.... *sigh*

onionboy said...


i very clearly labeled the post "sports" ... no one made you read it.

Janna said...

LOL... fair enough. :)