16 March 2007

Finally! Pictures of baby Daniel

Proud "uncle" OnionBoy finally has pictures of the cutest baby around! If you don't believe me, you can just ask Tim & Rock'n'Robin, they will give you a completely unbiased opinion.
You woke me up for this? I can't help it I'm adorable.

I'm so cool... Forget that mothers milk, I want a beer.
Did I happen to mention I got my daddys hair?

Seriously, I can hold my own head up... I think.

You can see all 37 photos in her set here, including some bonus Florida sunrise photos.
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Viv said...

LOL!! He does have his dad's hair!!

The Schizophrenic Elf said...

*falls over and dies*

I can't believe I'm not there...

I- I just can't. It doesn't make sense. Robin is practically my sister. I can't believe I'm not there for her. *sigh*

... Mommy and baby look very much alike when they first wake up. *giggles*

onionboy said...

you are amazing elf...

even after you fall over dead, you still write more.

resurrection spell or undead?

Rock'n Robin said...

OOH what a cute baby!!! Watch out little ladies he is going to be a heart throb like his daddy. By the way we are coming to Omaha next week and I get to go to swing!!!!