09 March 2007

Friday Church

I had a short, but to the point, discussion with a friend last night about my recent feelings of disconnectedness with God. I said how I felt the roots of it were in my feeling guilty about slacking on church attendence. My friend was very supportive (but to the point) of me, saying (in effect) that my Bible study attendence was still corporate worship, and then went on to say I could deal with the feelings of guilt, or go to church and see if the guilt went away.

I woke up early today, and went to church.

It was gray went I left, but during the service I was kneeling (good old Catholics), and suddenly the sun appeared and shone through the stained glass window at the east end of the church. The window depicts the holy birth. I saw the colors of the window glass dancing on the seats and people in front of me. I turned around to look, and from my angle the sun shone through the face and halo of the infant Jesus.

I feel much better and rather grateful.

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Viv said...

That sounds very beautiful! I love it when God blesses us like that. I'm thankful that you feel better now.