15 March 2007

Dragon arm?

Here is my dream from last night. There were three magic items to begin with, one that didn't do much and was like a gold circle the size of a bracelet, a medium-strong one that was gold shining wand about two feet long, and the third which was very powerful and it was black metal shaped like the arm of dragon holding a pink crystal orb and was also about two feet long.

Well the evil guy in the dream had all three, and it was my job to sneak in and get them. I got the wand, then the bracelet, but I got caught and blasted by the dragon arm and sent out into the woods somewhere. My co-conspirators then took the two things i stole, healed me, and somehow made it into my own dragon arm, but with a blue-green orb instead of pink.

The bad guy didn't know i had the new magic device, so it was relatively easy for me to sneak back in and destroy his with mine. He was then caught and arrested by the authorities. It was then my decided the remaining magic item was too powerful to be left, and it was destroyed by breaking it by pulling it in two directions with a bulldozer and a boat ... only it wasn't destroyed, and I knew it wouldn't be, it popped and shattered, but I somehow had managed to follow where the most magical piece went and I got it.

It was the same shape, but now only about six inches long. At the end of the dream I was going around causing mischief with it.

As usual the dream was very vivid. The only part of the dream that made any sense from the previous days events was at one point it was shown that the bracelet could turn river water into hot coffee ... coffee was part of an ongoing conversation I had during the day.


Becky said...

perhaps it is time for you to be evaluated... just kidding.

just a question to satisfy my own curiosity; did you take any sleep aids on any of the nights you had vivid dreams? I always have the weirdest dreams when I take benadryl or any of the pm headache meds (probably because they contain the same drug as benadryl).

it's interesting that you are able to retain the memory of your dream all day. even if i have a vivid dream, i usually forget about it by lunch time unless I talk about it with someone else.

onionboy said...

no, no sleep aids, and no evals either, my doctor will tell you i am mentally ill, i dream like this every night, i just took the time to remember the details last night.

a couple of years ago i had an ambien prescription (no i didnt' sleep drive), and i didn't dream at all.

nothing else i do or take seems to change my dreams, they are vivid, and unfortunately, rated pg.

Janna said...

You have the coolest dreams ever.
Disney should make a movie out of this; they can call it "Onionboy and the Dragon Arms"
... or something like that.

Janna said...

So the bracelet changed river water into coffee, the dragon arm blasted you into the forest...
What did the wand do???

onionboy said...

you are just trying to tempt me into saying something dirty...