08 March 2007

Friendship Program dancing

Yesterday, Dan, Jenny Jitterbug, and Maegmariel went down to where Viv works, The Friendship Program and did some demonstration dancing for the program participants. The seated gentleman, Jimmy, behind Jenny Jitterbug in the bottom left photo used to play piano with Gene Krupa. Jimmy got up and played on the old beat up, out of tune piano at the program and just TORE it up. Viv danced too, and took these pictures (thanks!). Dan had the crowd laughing as usual, and he didn't even have to tell a single bad joke.
Friendship Program 01 - 2007 03 08 Friendship Program 02 - 2007 03 08 Friendship Program 03 - 2007 03 08 Friendship Program 04 - 2007 03 08
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Matt J. said...

Man, that looks like fun. Next time I'm coming up for this!