24 March 2007

A whitewash! Slug-bug style.

Viv's butt has been kicked! We play slug-bug, and I won yesterday 17-0! I believe that entitles me to a little smack talk. Neener, neener, neener, Viv, you have been dominated. You owe me pizza and ice cream.

Beware! This can cause a pain in your arm!

For those of you who don't play this game, basically when you see a Volkswagen Bug the first one who calls it out, with the color, gets to hit the other person (or person of choice) in the car with them (unless it is Mae, she is too sophisticated to play). Yes there are more rules (it's the OnionBoy variant).
  1. Each new style slug bug is worth one point / hit.
  2. Each new style slug bug convertible is worth two points / hits.
  3. Each old style slug bug is worth two points / hits.
  4. Each old style slug bug convertible is worth four points / hits.
  5. Each old style Karmann-Ghia, Bus, or Thing is worth three points / hits.
  6. Any car on a dealership lot or such is not eligible for play.
  7. If you call one out on mistake, the opponent gets those points.
Now that you know the (OnionBoy variant) rules, get out there and cause some bruises!


Viv said...

DOMINATED???! I believe it's called CHEATED!!!! You were walking around outside for hours and I was stuck outside!! Most of those slug bugs belong to your two female companions at the time!!!!

Viv said...


onionboy said...

wrong! i only saw two when i was with them. maybe you could just pass the "hits" along to them, one each, i'm sure they appreciated not being hit by me, and will love being hit by you.

Viv said...

YOU are the only one that deserves being hit by me!!
Just wait till I get some extra time outside!! You will have your downfall!!!!

The Schizophrenic Elf said...


Wow. You guys take this thing seriously.


By the way... Onions, why do I have martini glass next to my screen name in your sidebar? I don't drink, and you know it. :P