12 March 2007

YOU all are sending ME the wrong message

Okay, so I was lamenting for weeks about no one commenting on my blog anymore. Then I put up a blog that everyone comments on. Okay, so most of the comments were about how I shouldn't blog about the subject, but I got comments!

You may be reinforcing the behavior you don't want ... I wonder what other bodily functions I could discuss here.


Matt J. said...

I am guilty in more ways than one of sending you the wrong message.

Sarah said...

Just to let you know, Ben and I were looking at a book that was about things men do that drive women crazy.

One of them was discussing bowel movements. So, if you want a lady, be careful of what you blog.


Troy said...

Personally, I think you stole the whole blog incident from a movie recently released on DVD-- "Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny".

Venche said...

Now I want to know how Matt is sending you the wrong message.
The world reads your blog even if no one comments. Now that you know that, there is no need to be gross :)

Becky said...

tis true, what venche writes. you don't need to write gross stuff to get our attention. you just have to try to understand that sometimes words are unnecessary.

if you need to know whether or not your blog is being read by anybody, where they are and how they got to your site- you can try sitemeter. the link is on my blog.

onionboy said...

My sitemeter is at the bottom of my blog page, I get about 25 visitors a day, some of them even are repeat customers. Viv has one too.

As always, this site is best viewed with a sense of humor.

Janna said...

You could discuss a different bodily substance each week... like "Bodily Function Fridays" or something.
Those 25 hits per day would quadruple in no time!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read. I just dont comment. It's Ihe only way I know whats going on with you these days! Your old friend...KB :-)